Zones and Floors

Level Up Builder

Welcome to Level Up Builder!

This is a free online tool that you can use to create your very own role playing games based off of the Level Up RPG engine by Ape Apps, LLC. To get a feel for the style of RPG you can create with this tool, please see the original Level Up RPG game.

When you are ready to export your game and distribute/share it with others, select the Compile Game option from the file menu. Players can launch your game file using the free Level Up Player. The player is a free progressive web app that can be installed on any system (or run from within the browser directly). When installed as a PWA, it will allow users to easily launch your game by simply downloading and then double-clicking on the game file. Players can also use the app to manage their own library of Level Up based games.

Level Up Builder is provided as-is with no instructions or warranty, but should be fairly easy to figure out. If you have questions or issues, you can visit the Ape Apps Forums and post your questions there.

v Copyright © Ape Apps, LLC

Game Meta

Primary Game Settings

Game Id

Should be unique for every title, or else there will be issue with game saves. If you are using a base game as a template, be sure to change this ID for a new title. Alternately, do not change this ID once a game has been released, especially when the self-publishing feature goes live.

Game Name
Game Version
Game Description
Ape Market ID
First Release Year
Title Screen Logo (.png with transparency)
Box Art (Square image with no transparency)
Title Screen Music
Title Screen Background

No transparency, will show random zone background if blank

Health Stat


Mana Stat

No Cap Indicator Icon

UI Settings

Button Color
Accent Color
Text Color
Default Blood Color

Game Mechanics

Helper Pack

If the player keeps dying over and over in the same area, they will get these items to help them on their way

Default Sounds

Player Death

Campaign Mode

Campaign Name
No Title Until Floor

Clicker Mode

Clicker Name
Clicker Intro
Clicker Music

Procedural Mode

Procedural Name
Procedural Intro

Player Setup

Player Name

Zones and Floors

Zone Data

Zone Id
Zone Name
Starting Floor
Ending Floor
Zone Size
Background Image (no transparency)
Title Bar Color
Zone Music
Zone Items
Zone Enemies

Floor Editor (Floor #)

Floor Action
Floor Text Color Override
Floor Background
Floor Foreground
Autoplay Code (advanced)

supported codes
fo.#ffffff.3 (fadeout.color.seconds)

Set Game Variable

blank for nothing or varname=value

Sound Effect
Music Override
Gives Achievement


Item Editor

Item Id
Item Name
Item Description
Item Image
Item Type
Base Effect
Magic Effect
Ranged Effect
Mana Cost
Health Leech
Strength Mod
Stamina Mod
Intellect Mod
Dexterity Mod
Item Level Requirement
Particle Effect
Hit Sounds


Shop Editor

Shop Id
Shop Name
Vendor Intro
Vendor Coins
Vendor Intellect
Vendor Inventory


Enemy Editor

Enemy Id
Enemy Name
Enemy Image (with transparency)

Image should be square for single frame. For animated, should be a row of square frames on a single image file

Uses Relative Strength

If set > 0, enemy stats will be set relative to players current stats and ignore the following base stat settings. For instance, a setting of 0.5 will give the enemy 50% of the players' current base stats. This causes the enemies to increase in power along with the player. In many cases it might be best to leave this at 0 and set enemy stats manually, so you always know what you will be fighting against.

Enemy Strength Stat
Enemy Stamina Stat
Enemy Intellect Stat
Enemy Dexterity Stat
Enemy Extra Health

Boost enemy health beyond what their base stats dictate, good for bosses.

If set to random equip, game will ignore the following item/inventory related settings and give the enemy random items from the zone they are located in.

Enemy Extra Inventory
Blood Color Override
Intro Sounds
Death Sounds
Gives Achievement

Calculated Stats

Exp Drop
Magic Attack
VS Level Player

If enemy stats are set to a relative-to-player level, it is impossible to determine what the actual stats of the enemy will be like in-game. Setting a level here will automatically randomly distribute stat points based on level and simulate some stats. Will not be 100% accurate to in-game experience.


Choice Editor

Choice Id
Used on Floor(s)
Choice Display Name

Shown in the editor only, helps you know which choice is which.

Choice Message

If set to -1, a random eligible response will automatically be selected without prompt.

Choice Responses

Item Prefixes

Prefix Editor


A modifier for an item, ie. __________ Small Dagger (worn, perfect, enchanted, etc)

Base Stat Modifier
Magic Stat Modifier
Leech Stat Modifier
Strength Stat Modifier
Stamina Stat Modifier
Dexterity Stat Modifier
Intellect Stat Modifier
Health Regeneration Stat Modifier
Minimum Level Requirement

Item Suffixes

Suffix Editor


A modifier for an item, ie. Small Dagger _________ (of power, of the dog, of might, etc)

Base Stat Modifier
Magic Stat Modifier
Leech Stat Modifier
Strength Stat Modifier
Stamina Stat Modifier
Dexterity Stat Modifier
Intellect Stat Modifier
Health Regeneration Stat Modifier
Minimum Level Requirement

Publish Game

You can self-publish your game and make it available for players to discover and download through the Level Up Player app. Players will also receive automatic updates whenever you publish a new update to your game. Eventually you will also be able to check download/playtime stats as well as user reviews from this screen.

You must have an open game file and must be signed in with an Ape Apps account to publish a game.